Ultimate Golf Tips for Beginners

In more recent years, golf has been rapidly gaining popularity and becoming a truly spectacular sport. Players demonstrate an expressive style of play and rethink the dress code. And female golfers made great strides to this, although not so long ago, women weren’t so welcomed in golf clubs (the very word “golf” was jokingly deciphered as “gentlemen only ladies forbidden”). And so, the following tips are a short guide for those who decided to get engaged in the “pastime of aristocrats” or simply learn more about this exciting sport!

Start with lessons

 The surest way to succeed in golf is to start moving, and it’s better to seek advice not only when you are faced with a problem. Of course, a good tip can be given by your friends, but it is still better to turn to a professional (coach) who is trained to give golf lessons and can make your training much faster and exciting.

Find a coach you trust

 In fact, your training progress depends a lot on how much you trust your coach. Of course, your teacher should be a good specialist and strive to help you, but personal contact between you is also important. If you don’t like being pressured, it’s better to choose an instructor with a subtle approach to teaching. If you are a creative person, then look for a coach who operates with images and sensations, not angles and planes. The idea is that you should feel comfortable and enjoy the learning process. You will achieve the best results in golf if you are not ashamed to ask the coach any questions that bother you.

Don’t buy expensive golf clubs and equipment

No doubt expensive golf clubs and equipment can improve your game, however, they don’t really matter if you’re new to golf. Your first golf clubs may fray, scratch slightly, or even break, so you shouldn’t spend a fortune on a good golf set until you get the hang of the game. In addition, you should remember that there is always a possibility that you will not feel very well in this sport.

Therefore, there are some tips for beginners:

  • Borrow a golf club from a friend;
  • Rent a set at the golf club;
  • Buy used golf clubs from eBay and similar sites.

Visit popular golf tournaments

If you are really starting to play sports, then, most likely, you will discover watching tournaments on TV or perhaps even visiting some of them in person. The main well-known professional golf tournaments are listed below with their brief descriptions:

  • Four Majors – an annual series of four of the most prestigious men’s professional golf tournaments:
  • The Masters Tournament is held annually in early April, invariably at the Augusta National Golf Club.
  • US Open is held in mid-June at various golf courses in the United States.
  • The Open is held in mid-July at various golf courses in England and Ireland. The tournament is also known as the British Open.
  • The PGA Championship is held in mid-August at various golf courses in the eastern part of the United States.
  • The Ryder Cup takes place at the end of September.

Remember golf etiquette

Golf is the most sophisticated sport where etiquette must be observed with utmost care. Below, there are some basic golf etiquette tips for beginners:

  • Do not talk while someone is hitting the golf ball;
  • Do not go on another player’s game line;
  • Do not hit the ball if you see a group of other players in front of you;
  • Do not get angry after every unsuccessful hit;
  • Do not be late for training;
  • Just enjoy the game!