The Sexiest Girls Playing Golf

Golf is considered a male sport. For instance, this stereotype is strongly supported in films where well-off men drive around freshly-cut grass on funny little cars and proudly wave clubs. Thus, we want to end the idea of golf as a men’s sport once and for all, and introduce to you the hottest and most charming female golfers.

Kathleen Ekey

Golf has become the meaning of life for Kathleen. The girl started playing golf when she was studying at Furman University, but at the moment she is more famous than any other female golfers who have played this sport since childhood. Kathleen also played golf on the University of Alabama platform. She never participated in any events as a model, but girl’s complexion is so appealing that we couldn’t but include her in this list.

Anna Rawson

Anna is another bonny female golfer. Before having started her golf career, she was a model, and now, when she plays golf, her body still remembers the first profession. At initial stages of her golf career, Anna didn’t have much success, but she worked hard to reach a decent level and make a name for herself. The international Junior Classic tournament became the starting point in her career, when she became a vivid discovery of this competition, then Anna got into the Australian national golf team, and now she is one of the most famous women among golfers.

Sharmila Nicollet

Not only professional golf, but also swimming and modeling are strong suits of beautiful Sharmila. The girl has Indian roots. She has a unique stature – a height of 1.8 m, but the most attractive part of her body are long legs, which are not only great, but help Sharmila to swim fast and effectively throw a golf ball. The girl has many achievements in swimming and golf. And in the commercials with her participation, she stands out for Asian beauty and a toned body.

Paige Spiranac

Paige is not only the sexiest girl playing golf professionally, she is also known as one of the most beautiful athletes. She prefers to wear provocative dresses on the field, and that is why she is in our top list of beautiful female golfers. Besides, Paige is  a great gymnast, and her worldwide popularity is confirmed by the fact that girl’s Instagram account has over one million followers.

Meghan Hardin

Since childhood, Megan was into playing golf so that in high school she had gathered the first team for men’s golf and became the captain of this team. Isn’t this an amazing story for a girl in this sport? Meghan is considered the sexiest girl in her city and, hence, she was chosen for one of Wilson’s calendar covers. She took part in many golf championships, but with such appearance it is quite easy to conquer the world of fashion and modelling.

Belén Mozo

A professional Spanish athlete, Belén was born in 1988. At the age of 18 she won the amateur British championship and has been playing  professionally since then. It is said that she has the flattest belly among all female golfers on the planet.