Girls Go Golf: How To Make Your Woman Love Golf

Golf is an old game that carefully preserves many traditions, stories and legends. Most of the rules and norms of etiquette are made to ensure that players enjoy the process of playing golf and are not distracted by little things. A unique feature of golf is players to be extremely polite and attentive to each other. This is a tribute to the era of gentlemen. In the old days it was forbidden to make noise and even to speak loudly so as not to interfere with a partner or an opponent. Today it is considered a good practice to put a mobile phone on silent mode during the game.

Of course, gentlemen who are keen on this sport sometimes face one very tangible problem, namely, the painful misunderstanding of ladies and their reluctance to start liking golf. If you consider your relationship not as a fleeting affair, but as a solid long-term union, then it will definitely be easier to rose her love or at least superficial sympathy for golf than to doom yourself to petty quarrels and excuses. But how can you teach the fair sex to admire golf if they absolutely don’t understand the beauty of this occupation on the freshly-cut grass?

Play it with her

Does your girlfriend think that golf is death boredom? So show her the process of playing the game – try playing golf on a special course or create an imitation of a golf course at home. It should captivate her: firstly, physical activity is useful for the body, and secondly, it is exciting! Along the way, you can explain the rules to her and show how they work.

Buy her a golf uniform

Golf is a game of gentlemen, and once it was believed that it didn’t tolerate frivolities. Jeans, short briefs, and even just t-shirts without a collar were bad practice. Now, girls and allowed to play in mini skirts, and lots of female golfers wear the sexiest outfits during playing.

Create an icon

We all have favorite teams and players in different kinds of sport.  Identifying yourself with a sports club gives a special meaning to watching the game, brings the emotional component. Push your girl on the right path, help her like your favorite golf club or player.

Tell her about great female golfers. It is widely believed that golf is an exclusively male game. There is even a playful decoding of the word GOLF: Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. At first it was. But more recently, the “rules of the game” have changed. At first, women declared themselves in 1950, when the Women’s Professional Golf Association was created. Since then, women’s golf has become increasingly popular, prestigious tournaments are held, the prize pools of which grow from year to year. The women’s association has its own rating, its own rules, its own champions. A striking example is the beautiful Michelle W., winner of the Laureus World Sports Awards in the Breakthrough of the Year nomination. She started playing golf at the age of 4, at the age of 10 she participated in the first amateur tournament, at 13 in the competition of the Women’s Professional Golf Association. Now Michel is 27, and she is already compared to the famous Tiger Woods.