Ultimate Golf Tips for Beginners

In more recent years, golf has been rapidly gaining popularity and becoming a truly spectacular sport. Players demonstrate an expressive style of play and rethink the dress code. And female golfers made great strides to this, although not so long ago, women weren’t so welcomed in golf clubs (the very word “golf” was jokingly deciphered

The Sexiest Girls Playing Golf

Golf is considered a male sport. For instance, this stereotype is strongly supported in films where well-off men drive around freshly-cut grass on funny little cars and proudly wave clubs. Thus, we want to end the idea of golf as a men’s sport once and for all, and introduce to you the hottest and most

Best Golf Bags of 2017

A good golf bag is more than just something that you use to cart around your clubs and gear. A golf bag is an extension of who you are as a player, as well as way of showing the world your preferences in brands and aesthetics. There always comes a time for when it’s appropriate