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Halo XL450 Golf Rangefinder Review

Halo XL450 Golf Rangefinder Review

Halo XL450 Golf Rangefinder

The Halo XL450 is a very flexible rangefinder, as it can be used in a variety of outdoor situations. People like to use the XL450 for a number of different sports: including golf, shooting, and hunting. The rangefinder’s popularity can be chalked up to its low price and great features, making it a crowd favorite for outdoorsmen of every discipline.

Although the XL450 is priced to sell, its accuracy is still excellent. Users can expect measurements that are accurate of up to one yard. The distance the rangefinder covers is not a disappointment either, as you’ll be able to track distances of up to 450 yards.

Finally, the XL450’s robust exterior means that you’ll be able to use it in a variety of weather conditions without any hassles.

Below you can see some of the most important features of the XL450 and they are a part of what makes it stand out from others in the marketplace.

Artificial Intelligence

The Halo XL450 is one of the few in its category that is capable of measuring the difference between slopes and inclines in a given range. What this means is that if there is a slope in your desired shot, the rangefinder will adjust its measurements to give you the most accurate distance possible. No matter if you are playing uphill or downhill, the XL450 will always provide you with the information you need to hit that perfect shot.

Modes and features

In addition to being used for golf, you can also use the rangefinder as a tool for hunting. Knowing what the actual distance is between you and your target is vital information while hunting live game. So due to consumer demand, the XL450 comes with two different modes.

  • Standard Mode provides a real-time distance measurement between you and your target.
  • While Scan Mode lets you view the distance of all oncoming objects in your peripheral vision.

Resistant to rain and physical damage

An important thing to note about the Halo XL450 is that it is impervious to rain, which makes it a practical accompaniment while on the golfing green. And although the rangefinder is made from reinforced plastic, it is still more than sturdy enough to withstand its share of physical altercations.

Zoom and Magnification

The Halo XL450 has a five times zoom and magnification setting. This means that a life-like image will appear on the device’s display as numerical values. You also get helpful indicators such as the battery level, as well as having the ability to change the measurements from meters to yards.

The only reported downside to the XL450 is that you can’t use it in low light conditions. This can be an especially severe problem at night time, when visibility is much lower than in the bright of day. Many users often complain that they cannot read the display in these situations, so tread with caution.

Warranty and Ease of Use

You get a standard 1-year warranty when you buy the XL450, as is the case with most electronic equipment today. This means that the company will replace your purchase in the case of impact damage, but will not refund your purchase outright.

One of the best things about this this rangefinder has to be how easy the device is to use. It weighs in at only 17 grams, which can feel like you are holding nothing at all. Having something super lightweight can be a huge plus, especially when you’re likely to have too much stuff on the road already.


The materials used in this range finder are built to last. You won’t find many scratches or other imperfections on the body of the rangefinder, as it is extremely durable. A solid construction is especially important for when taking the device on long hunting trips, as accidents are more than likely to happen.


  • Affordable
  • Slope adjustment technology
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to operate


  • Display isn’t easy to read at night time


The Halo XL450 is in a class of its own when it comes to finding a low cost range finder that provides excellent value. In fact, this model is one of the cheapest that money can buy that features a 5x magnification setting, as well as being extremely resilient to wear and tear.

In summary, you will be very impressed if you pick up the XL450 as your rangefinder of choice. You can easily pick this device up from stores such as Amazon, as well as various sporting   stores around the country.

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