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Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Tour V4 Review

Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Golf Rangefinder

The golf laser rangefinders from Bushnell are widely considered to be some of the best models that money can buy, yet they are not without their complications. The recent changes made by the USGA has edited its stance on slope-measuring rangefinders, which has hit the golfing industry in a big way.

The gist of it is that participants in golf tournaments are now able to use rangefinders that feature slope-measuring technology, provided that the slope functionality is not used while on the golfing green. But golfers will still be able to use other features of range finders to measure the distance to the flag and other objects in the distance or foreground.

When the recent changes made to tournaments were put into effect, the Bushnell Tour V4 was released at roughly the same time. And you’re probably wondering how this laser range finder stacks up to others in the market, especially in regards to how it performs on the ever changing golfing landscape.

So in this review, we’re going to uncover all the rangefinder’s most important features and benefits, so you can decide for yourself if this model is going to be right for you.


For starters, the Bushnell Tour V4 features an inbuilt inclinometer that uses an algorithm to calculate distance, elevation, and trajectory. All of these factors are taken into consideration, all so you can measure that perfect shot.

An example of this algorithm at play can be seen when hitting a shot uphill, if the distance was say, 200 yards, the rangefinder would then add another 10 or 20 yards or so (depending on the slope’s elevation) so you can play the hole accordingly.

As with other rangefinders, the better you know your distances and ranges, the more useful you’ll find the Tour V4. And when it comes to tournaments, you’ll still be able to use the device, as long as you remember to switch off the slope functionality before heading out on the first tee.

The changes made by the USGA means you no longer need to buy two rangefinders with slope and non-slope functions, and is something that the Tour V4 is perfectly calibrated for.

Benefits to using the Bushnell Tour V4

Changes to rules of tournament play aside, there are a raft of product-centric benefits to using the Tour V4 as well.

  • Easy for beginners: Bushnell has really gone the extra mile in making the Tour V4 as user friendly as possible, meaning that even the greenest of golfers will be able to get up and running with this rangefinder in as little time as possible.
  • Display: You can seamlessly change between a red and black display, as well as toggling between different magnification options. The Tour V4 has a maximum setting of 6X magnification, while its predecessor, the Tour V4 Slope, only featured a 5X magnification settings.
  • Highly Accurate: In addition to providing better zoom and and a clearer display than its somewhat obsolete models, the Tour V5 has a yardage accuracy of +/- 0.5 yards, while the Tour V4 come with an accuracy of +/ 1 yard. Although half a yard may not seem a lot, when you’re on the golfing screen it can end up making a world of difference.
  • Cost efficient: The Tour V4 sells for about $100 less than other rangefinders in its category, including the Tour X. And you still get Bushnell’s Jolt technology with it too, meaning that the rangefinder will vibrate when you have locked-on to the flagstick.

The only downside to the Tour V4 is that it is not resistant to the rain or water, which can present a major risk and disadvantage when you’re playing on greens with inclement weather.

In summary, if you’re a golfer who’s on a budget, then you should definitely consider the Tour V4. It’s a hundred dollars cheaper, and comes with all of the great features of Bushnell’s earlier top-end models.


Lightweight, compact, and durable. Easy to read readings, which makes it simple to use. You can also toggle between slope and distance-only settings at the push of the button for tournament play.


Not waterproof.


The Bushnell V4 Jolt is the cheaper model of the company’s earlier models at a significantly discounted price. You won’t be disappointed if you pick this rangefinder up for casual and practice rounds, or even if you’re an up and coming professional.

The Bushnell V4 gives you everything you could want from a rangefinder, bar a rain-resistant coating, which really isn’t that big of a deal anyway.

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